In the words of my students:

"great teacher," "outstanding teacher," "unique teacher," "master of guitar," "incredible breadth of music knowledge," "enthusiastic," "patient," "thoughtful," "encouraging," "fun," "universal approach," "teaching that goes beyond the notes"

  Photo Credit:  Jose Perez

 Photo Credit:  Jose Perez

Wayne Daniels

Musician, Music Teacher, Vocal and Performance Coach


My passion is playing and teaching music and my greatest joys are seeing my students grow musically and reach their aspirations and playing live music with them.

I have a comprehensive and step-by-step approach that addresses each area of what it takes to play guitar masterfully.  I teach solid fundamentals with an emphasis on training, experiential learning and immersion in the language of music.  

Each music student has their own learning style and unique interests and aims I want to understand your objectives and how you learn best so that I can put together a curriculum that is designed to meet your needs and help you attain your musical goals.

Music is a conversation to which we are all invited to participate.  If you learn the alphabet and language of music and how it applies to the fretboard and you get the proper training, you will discover freedom of musical expression on the guitar.  If you discover freedom of expression, you will discover your own artistic voice on the instrument.

If you are ready to make your guitar dreams into reality, I can help you get you where you want to go.  I will teach you the language of music, train you in how to play the instrument, coach you to overcome obstacles and mentor you along the way.  With the right teacher and your willingness to do the work, you can become the musician you want to be.



Check out my guitar playing in the audio below: 

This is a remix of Under the Sea, a Dygby Jones tune, to which I've added two guitars and re-EQ'd the track.

Lendon James doing Workin' Man Blues, supported by Wayne Daniels on Telecaster and the B.G.C. House Band. Spring 2018