I came to Wayne after a couple of years of picking around on my guitar, not knowing a whole lot about music theory and barely able to play two songs. From day one, he asked me what I was interested in and where I wanted to take my music. He came up with a game plan to fit my specific needs and get me to my goal of forming a band and playing out. Within 5 months he not only had me playing more songs, he taught me how to play standing up and eventually how to sing while playing.

Studying with Wayne is like sitting down and playing guitar with a friend. He could really relate to me and some of the problems I was having with playing guitar, and he always kept me moving forward. As I progressed as a player, Wayne became a friend that I could lean on for support, ideas or advice. The best part of working with him was that he organized a full production show for us students, which gave us an opportunity to play with a full band on stage in front of people. I really do believe that he jump-started my dream by giving me the opportunity to play these live shows.

After a couple of years of lessons, I started playing solo gigs and making a little bit of money on the side. Then after four years of study and getting gigging experience, I formed my own band. A part of my dreams and goals have come true. We set out with one goal in mind and we made it a reality.

Whether you are starting out or have been playing for a while and want some more coaching, I highly recommend giving Wayne a call. A 5-star rating does not really give Boulder Guitar Coach justice, believe me. Thanks for everything Wayne!
— Lendon James

Lendon James and the Hwy. 34 Band 11/30/2018 @ Warehouse 2565

My 8 year-old son loves his guitar lessons with Wayne! His teaching style is both well-structured and flexible to the student’s needs. He has an excellent understanding of children and finds just the right way to challenge his students while being sure to make lessons fun. Wayne’s love of music is clear to see and I am delighted to see my son inspired!
— Carolyn Arras (parent)
I appreciate how you take time to connect with Zach as an individual. You are able to “read” him and adjust the lesson as necessary. You have a good balance between focused instruction and playfulness. This is a perfect balance for a 10 year-old boy!
— Amy Carpenter (parent)
You are a nice teacher and you keep me challenged by giving me new things to work on.
— Zach Carpenter (10)
Wayne is the best music teacher ever! You rock!!!
— Ian G. (age 9)
Wayne has good things for us to learn and he teaches us great songs. It’s really fun. He starts out with easy songs and then he goes on to harder ones.
— Jude Schafer (8)
Wayne makes it fun! He is nice and he helps us progress in the learning of music.
— Luke Schafer (9)
When I started taking guitar lessons with Wayne I was quite nervous. My first few lessons did not showcase my guitar playing ability. Wayne sensed this and worked with me to alleviate the pressure. He helped me to relax and learn how to enjoy playing guitar again.

Wayne worked with me to identify where my skills can be improved. We have broken these areas down into simple steps that are easy to understand and easy to practice. We have been building on each little piece, and I can finally see and hear my skills changing.

I am extremely happy I found Wayne Daniels as my guitar teacher.
— Walt Papierski
Wayne is an outstanding teacher. He has an incredible breadth of music knowledge, and is able to communicate it on multiple levels, so I understand it just as well as my young sons who are also learning from him.

He approaches every lesson in a very organized manner, and is always prepared with a lesson plan that builds on our last session. He is enthusiastic and willing to take the time to answer questions and make sure the concept is understood. It has been a fun and engaging experience to learn guitar from him.
— Dave Schafer (parent and student)
I’ve truly enjoyed working with Wayne. In just a short period of time, I have improved my playing considerably and am much further along as a guitar player than I ever thought I would be at this point.

Wayne is a patient, enthusiastic and thoughtful teacher. I would highly recommend him.
— Brian H.
Wayne is an excellent teacher. He goes above and beyond to provide tools for learning facets of the guitar and music theory that I wouldn’t previously have thought were related to guitar, but proved to be invaluable. He has done the work himself and has a clear vision for how to move you along to being the musician you want to be. Choose Wayne if you want a teacher with a comprehensive, thoughtful, and fun approach to learning guitar.
— K.F. (age 25)
Wayne is a master of guitar who can explain everything in a very easy way. He teaches how to be a real musician, how to understand what you are doing, how to overcome the inner hurdles that distract you. He is also a very, very nice guy with great positive energy!

If you want to express yourself musically but don’t know how, my advice is to go see Wayne! Thanks a lot to him for everything!
— Dimitry Churilov (professional guitarist, Cosmonauts Day, https://www.facebook.com/cosmonautsday, http://cosmonautsday.bandcamp.com/album/paths-of-the-restless)
Wayne is one of the best people you could meet as a guitar teacher and as a friend. I have tried to take lessons from other teachers but left them due to them being too ‘pushing’. Since I have been with Wayne I have felt it easy and most comfortable to learn guitar and music. His encouraging spirit has helped me to do what I did not believe I had in me. I would recommend him as a great guitar teacher. Thank you for what you have taught me.
— Sarim Tahir
I had already been playing guitar for 30 years before I met Wayne, some of those years professionally. I have studied with a number of wonderful teachers over the years as well and I can say Wayne is a unique teacher. Although he has a mastery of musical theory, there are many more layers to Wayne’s teachings that go beyond the notes.

Learning guitar from Wayne is akin to learning about your self through life’s musical reflection. Wayne helps you to uncover such concepts as, What does music mean to me? How can I celebrate my gifts fully through music?

Wayne has the added gift of having a universal approach to music and can teach scales that travel the globe and open doors to the musical mind and soul. Wayne’s gifts translate well for beginners, to children and on to seasoned players wanting to take the next deeper step into musical mastery.

I highly recommend Wayne as a guitar teacher if you really wish to celebrate music and life to the fullest!
— Thomas Dow (guitarist, singer, guitar teacher)