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Why choose Boulder Guitar Coach?

More than ordinary guitar lessons....

Not all guitar teachers are created equal and not all lessons are equally valuable.  In my 35+ years of playing guitar I've had many teachers and the simple truth is that most of them weren't that good.  I've observed two major reasons for this.  First, most guitar teachers begin to teach as a way to survive, not because teaching is their passion.  The gift of teaching is distinct from the ability to play guitar -- just because someone is an excellent guitarist does not mean that he or she will be a good teacher.  Second, there are very few guitar teachers out there who have any training whatsoever in how to teach music.  You can save yourself time, money and lots of frustration by choosing a guitar teacher who is trained to teach and whose passion and gifts include playing and teaching music.  

At Boulder Guitar Coach, I strive to give you the best music lessons available.  

Lessons at your level and in language you can understand.  Have you ever been frustrated with a teacher who teaches above your head and who seems to have forgotten what it was like to be at your level?  My aim is to meet you where you are and to help you make sense of music and how it works.  You work at your own pace, depending on how quickly you want to grow.

Custom learning plan based on your goals and interests.  When we first meet, I will ask you about your musical interests and what you would like to be able to do musically.  Your learning plan will contain the exact components of playing and musical understanding that will take you directly to your goals.  You will learn songs and styles that you are interested in learning, and you will learn the right things at the right time, saving you time, money and hassle.

Unique teaching method.  Based on my years of studying, teaching and performing, I offer an approach to learning music that is immersive, experiential and comprehensive. I will teach you how to become conversant in the language of music through helping you to internalize the musical alphabet and relate it to the fretboard. This unique approach will empower you with freedom of musical expression on the guitar, no matter which style you choose to play.   

Training makes the difference.  Part of the advantage of Boulder Guitar Coach is the focus on training.  Concepts are not just taught, they are applied and trained.  You are trained to play the instrument by breaking down each task into its component parts and then focusing on each part until it is mastered.  Every new concept -- whether it is playing solid rhythm guitar, learning a new scale or a lesson in how to use that scale to improvise over a particular chord change -- is trained and reinforced by repetition.

Coaching and support beyond the lesson.  At Boulder Guitar Coach you get more than just guitar lessons:  you get a relationship and support in your practice life and between lessons.  I provide weekly practice guidelines that let you know exactly what to practice and for how long.  If you are having challenges of any kind, together we will identify them and you will get specific tools and guidance for breaking through those limitations.  I am available via e-mail and phone for getting questions answered between lessons.    

Vocal coaching.  For those who want to play the guitar and sing, I offer an integrated curriculum that incorporates voice work along with guitar studies.  Do you love to sing?  Would you like to sing freely and confidently?  Would you like to perform?  Try music lessons that address the whole musician in you – guitarist, vocalist, musician.

Performance Track.  We host jam sessions and live concert performances for our student community.  Students get to play 'live' music with other students of similar age and level, supported by a pro rhythm section.  Do you want to get on stage and rock out?!  Join our Performance Track -- opportunities to play music with other musicians and live performance experience... more effective for learning to play music and way more fun than lessons alone.  

At Boulder Guitar Coach it is my mission to educate musicians and empower them to express themselves freely.  With my expert guidance, coaching and teaching, you will follow your individual learning plan and actualize your musical goals and dreams.  Come experience the advantages of Boulder Guitar Coach! 


Imagine how it would feel to play guitar the way you want to play it...


*  Eliminate frustration and get solutions to your playing challenges.



*  Boost your musical self-confidence.



*  Overcome inertia, lack of focus and not knowing what to work on.



*  Break through creative blocks and fears of playing music with and for others.



*  Feel the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals.



*  Experience the joy of playing music freely and expressively.



*  Learn in a safe environment where your unique style and expression are honored and encouraged.



*  Have FUN!


Boulder Guitar Coach offers more than ordinary guitar lessons.

Eliminate frustration, get support, learn effectively, reach your goals quickly and have Fun!  


Experience the advantages of Boulder Guitar Coach.



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