Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you teach?  How young can I start my kids?  I currently teach students ranging from age 8 to those in their 60's.  In some cases I will accept a 7 year-old guitar student, but typically kids lack the fine-motor skills and hand strength to play guitar before age 8.  Of course, each child develops at his/her own rate and I am happy to meet with the parents of prospective students to discuss their child's readiness for guitar lessons.

What styles do you teach?  I teach most styles of popular music, including rock, pop, blues, folk, country, funk, reggae, jamband and more.  Also, due to my studies of Indian music I can offer an exploration into exotic scales and techniques that can be used to play East-West fusion styles.  Since my approach is founded in learning the alphabet of music, how it works and how to apply it to the fretboard, my lessons are applicable to playing music of any style.  

Are there any styles you don't teach?  If you specifically want to learn shred metal, jazz or bluegrass, there are other teachers that will be more helpful to you.

What musical subjects do you teach?  Your personalized Learning Plan is a curriculum that includes the musical areas and abilities that you will need to accomplish your individual objectives.  All Learning Plans include Finger Training, Ear Training, Fretboard Anatomy and the Alphabet and Language of Music.  Other subjects are based on the interests of the student, including Music Theory, Harmony, Scales, Chords and Chord Construction, Rhythm Playing Technique, Lead Playing Technique, Fingerstyle TechniqueImprovisation, reading Standard Notation and TAB, among others.  The songs and repertoire you learn are based on your interests and requests.  I also offer Vocal Coaching as an integrated part of your curriculum if you are interested in both playing guitar and singing.

Where do you teach?  I offer private lessons in two locations, depending on the day of the week.  I teach at 3215 Walnut St., just east of 30th in downtown Boulder and in my home studio in Gunbarrel, near Twin Lakes.  

How much does it cost to study with you?  Please see the Programs+Rates page for full details.  Click the Guitar/Link below: