Young People


Do your kids or teens want to play guitar?  Do you want to give them a gift that can benefit them for a lifetime?

I can provide your youngsters with a solid music education while helping them express themselves musically and having FUN!  Students will learn songs they are excited to play and will make music from the very beginning.

In choosing Boulder Guitar Coach, you will be giving your child the opportunity to study with a Colorado certified classroom teacher who is completely committed to his students’ musical growth and overall development.


"Wayne has a good balance between focused instruction and playfulness when he teaches.    This is a perfect balance for a 10 year-old boy!

 I appreciate how you take time to connect with Zach as an individual and how you are able to "read" him and adjust the lesson as necessary."

            -- Amy Carpenter (parent)


"My 8 year-old son loves his guitar lessons with Wayne!  His teaching style is both well-structured and flexible to the student’s needs.  He has an excellent understanding of children and finds just the right way to challenge his students while being sure to make lessons fun.  Wayne’s love of music is clear to see and I am delighted to see my son inspired!"

                                   -- Carolyn Arras (parent) 


"Wayne is the best music teacher ever!  You Rock!"

                          -- Ian G. (age 9) 


"Wayne has good things for us to learn and he teaches us great songs.  It's really fun." 

                         -- Jude Schafer (8) 



Adult Novices and Beginners


Are you just beginning or you've been trying to learn on your own for a while but don't seem to be getting anywhere? 

I will help you make sense of music and how it works.  I meet you at your level and teach in language you can understand.  

Eliminate the frustration of trying to figure it out yourself.

Overcome obstacles.  Get tools, guidance and training that directly address your playing challenges.

Begin to make music quickly.  Private instruction and the guidance of an expert teacher will help you make solid and rapid gains in your playing ability.

Establish proper playing habits from the beginning with tutelage from a masterful player. Avoid ingraining poor playing habits and improper technique and having to retrain your fingers later.

Learn music through playing your favorite songs and styles of music.  Your goals and interests determine your curriculum.  

Grow at your own pace with a patient, inspiring teacher.


"Wayne worked with me to identify where my skills can be improved. We have broken these areas down into simple steps that are easy to understand and easy to practice. We have been building on each little piece, and I can finally see and hear my skills changing.  He helped me to relax and learn how to enjoy playing guitar again."              

  -- Walt Papierski


"I've truly enjoyed working with Wayne.  In just a short period of time, I have improved my playing considerably and am much further along as a guitar player than I ever thought I would be at this point."

                         -- Brian H. 


Intermediate + Advanced Players


Are you ready to take your guitar playing to the next level?  Do you want to express yourself musically?  Do you want to get on stage and play your song?  

To get you started on the path to fulfilling your musical dreams, we will clarify your musical goals and organize your practice program.  I will create a custom learning plan which includes the exact elements of playing ability and musical understanding that will take you to your ideal.  

Guitar playing excellence and your unique musical expressions are within your reach...  provided that you have the right teaching, coaching, training and support.  

If you are ready to accomplish your guitar goals and discover your unique voice on the instrument, I can help you.  With your work and my teaching, coaching and guidance, you will attain your musical aspirations.

Don't entrust your musical growth to ordinary guitar teachers teaching ordinary guitar lessons. Invest in a more holistic and comprehensive approach to helping you fulfill your musical potential.

Boulder Guitar Coach -- teaching the musician, training the fingers, educating the ear and coaching the individual to attain measured goals, step-by-step to the fulfillment of your musical dreams


"His encouraging spirit has helped me to do what I did not believe I had in me.  I would recommend him as a great guitar teacher." 

                         -- Sarim Tahir

(singer, guitarist) 


"He teaches how to be a real musician, how to understand what you are doing, how to overcome the inner hurdles that distract you.  If you want to express yourself musically, my advice is to go see Wayne!" 

                         -- Dimitri Churilov

(professional guitarist, Cosmonauts Day



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Photo Credit: Jose Perez

Photo Credit: Jose Perez

Wayne Daniels

Boulder Guitar Coach

I am a trained, professional teacher, musician and coach.  I've got the tools, training, experience, and proven results with my students that make me confident that I can help you express yourself musically on the guitar and reach your musical potential 

At Boulder Guitar Coach, I offer much more than ordinary guitar lessons.  My approach is immersive, experiential, comprehensive and is unique in its focus on guitar training, becoming conversant in the alphabet and language of music and live stage performance with fellow students and pro musicians.  

Come see for yourself why my students are saying things like:  'the best music teacher ever,' 'outstanding,' 'great guitar teacher,' 'master of the guitar,' 'incredible breadth of music knowledge,' 'explains everything in a very clear way,' 'takes the time to answer questions and make sure the concept is understood,' 'very organized... always prepared,' 'makes it fun,' 'I would highly recommend him,' 'patient,' 'encouraging,' 'enthusiastic,' 'fun and engaging,' and 'a very, very nice guy with great positive energy!'

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